Tennis & Pickleball

Rules & Regulations

  • PCourt facilities are for use by OCC members and their guest.
  • PA guest may play no more than five (5) times a season.
  • PGuest fee is $5.00 per day, to be registered in golf shop or pool house.
  • PProper attire, including shirts and tennis shoes, must be worn at all times.
  • PProper etiquette must be observed at all times.
  • LCourteous language
  • LNever cross behind court while play is in process.
  • LDo not leave your court to retrieve a ball; return neighboring court balls promptly.
  • LNo radios or other excessive noise allowed on courts or surrounding area.
  • PPlayers are only permitted within fenced in area.
  • PDo not strike the nets, fence or playing surface area.
  • PPlease use refuse containers.
  • PUse of courts will be restricted by Board of Trustees.

Patrick Fete will be returning to Oxford Country Club this summer for tennis instructions, match plan, and social events.  If you have questions regarding tennis programs this summer please feel free to contact Patrick at :